Windows 10 Review by Catinator

Windows 10 is now officially out for almost 4 years. They “improved” a lot since the release Date or let’s say they tried… 

I’m done waiting for them to finish it completely and I’m done using it in a serious way. (only on trash machines I don’t care about like a gaming or movie stream PC)

In my opinion the OS was getting even worse since the release and still is…  it’s like they patched out things I liked and never fixed bugs I still experience to this day, even with the newest versions.



Pro Contra
Fast start (if there is not much software installed) Horrible menus (regardless if you look at the design or the logic…) it’s a complete mess.

Sometimes I even have to google basic features I found in seconds in previous Windows Versions.

It just feels like a complete Troll to experienced users à Leave us the option to set the Design to Windows 7 !!!  I don’t want an oversized smartphone to work on my productive Stuff, that’s literally stupid!

improved Task Manager


–          More Functions

–          Better Design (about the only thing in Win 10 that is better designed)

Useless start menu you’re better off, using the windows search every single time you want to open SOMETHING… literally ANYTHING!!  (there is of course a second admin menu, if you press right click, which has no symbols or anything at all and is not really fast to use because you are searching the whole thing every time by reading the menus… USE SOME SYMBOLS!!!  Also there are no categories in the start menu what so ever, just Programs from A to Z…  (Even Win 95 had categories to bring things in order)
Update was free for a period of time (which is almost a contra point because the upgraded PC didn’t actually run well after the update, massive amount of bugs and not running programs. And if you tried to reinstall windows, you probably ran in some license issues) Win10 Licensing is a Nightmare (hardware changes could get you in trouble, some people actually had to buy a new license)
Windows 7 Key is still working!


You can still use a valid Windows 7 Key to activate Windows 10

That is of course AWESOME

(not sure if this still working on purpose or by complete laziness)

Updates almost always crash something  A regular windows user is not really affected by this “phenomenon” because regular windows apps are usually still running fine after updates. Third Party Software on the other hand is just a big risk. Sometimes it destroys massive production time (over and over again or let’s just say after every 2-3 windows update) because you have to reinstall everything again (sometimes multiple programs with a shit ton of plugins;  worst case à you have to wait for a fix)  That never happened with Win7, even after SP1 (at least on non of my systems; not even with Windows Vista!)
  Marketing for Windows 10 was a complete Lie  The correct name for this operating system would had been “Windows 10 Early Access”! as it was released. The OS was barely even finished, and had tons of bugs.. even half of the design (menus) was still in Windows 7 design. (that’s probably why updates always crashes some apps or functionality’s, because they are still changing the whole OS, because it’s not done yet)
  Windows 10 is a complete scam   There are so many pre-installed windows apps and services guttering information about you than never before.. if you’re not going to take your time (or simply turning everything to “No” or “off”) while the installation process of windows 10, you are screwed!  What makes me even more sad à some off this “services” even made it to Windows 2016 Server  (thank you Microsoft) while I’m still not sure if it happened on purpose or by complete laziness…
  Experience breaking bugs and compatible issues  So many bugs that never happened before in any other windows OS before (still not fixed) like a non functional windows key or an empty start menu (just two examples, if I would go on, I literally wouldn’t be able to save this document, because of the size it would take…) the bugs are different depending on the hardware, so it is even harder to troubleshoot this issues
  Annoying features  Why does my PC re-opening all my browser tabs, when I clearly shut down my computer the last evening ? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clean desktop, when i’m starting my computer ? just like in EVERY other windows I’ve used before..
  Windows local Admin is still hackable using a regular Windows installation disc!  There is no command, this is just ridiculous!
  Horrible design decision (again)  A server is still looking like a tablet, why am I not be able to change the design of a server (to Win2000 as example) because that’s exactly how a windows server should look like..  (you are stuck with the horrible win10 design or having nothing (core edition).. great..) 
  Forced updates from other OS   In the beginning Windows 10 was available as a free update for Win 7 and Win 8, however they start forcing people to install Windows 10! Even if they didn’t even want to.
Even if you realy wanted Windows 10, you had to reinstall it, because the update was breaking almost every third party application anyway…
  Windows 10 sometimes does whatever it likes to do  I turned off Windows updates twice! But there seems to be a certain point, were Microsoft just turning it on again. Many users had experienced unwanted restart while important work was running in the background (even me, multiple times)
  Windows App Store  Applications like “Windows Movie Maker” that came with the OS are now no longer included. But you can get out your wallet and spend money to download this Apps again. That just shows how greedy this company became…

Final Verdict

Love it or hate it. It really depends on your experience. Some people never had any trouble; some people having trouble all the time. Maybe because Windows 10 is acting different depending on the user’s hardware.  If you are a standard windows user, surfing, doing mails or even play some Games sometimes, you’re probably good to go..  if you are doing creative / productive things on your machine using third party programs and plugins – Stay away!!! You’re just make yourself unhappy, sometimes you are unable to work at all after windows updates (and it really happens a lot; after every 2-3 windows update) You rather use Windows 7 as long as it is supported or just switch over to the matrix (Linux)… , if that is an option

My experience today

My experiences with windows 10 are actually still not god to this day, i downgraded all of my critical systems almost 1,5 Year ago and never had any isses again. On my main system, I still have a non functional windows key (keyboard); still having an empty start menu from time to time (even after reinstall a new build version) and it is still crashing random applications after some windows updates. (Also tons of other annoying bugs are still happening)

My opinion

In my eyes, this OS is not even close to a “good operating system”. If I would compare it to other windows versions:  It is definitely not as bad as Windows Millennium but only slightly better than windows vista (if that is even the case) on my studio PC, I would rather use Windows Vista without any support what so ever, than using it one more week on windows 10.  My multi emulator arcade system will never see the internet again because some emulators only run on windows 10 and others will crash after a certain windows update (I even sealed the network port, just in case, somebody doesn’t know) 


3 / 10


The final score is of corse affected by everything, especially because they released it in such a horrible state and continuously crashed my and tons of other peoples productive apps over and over again after certain updates

This picture I made sums up the final Verdict perfectly



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